Thursday, March 24, 2011

PROFILE | Sarah & Charlie | 5.28.11

Sarah started visiting our shop well over a year ago, popping in on her lunch breaks looking for inspiration and ideas. Needless to say we were very excited when the time finally came to sit and figure out all the details for one of THE most fabulous invitation ensembles produced by Pink Tomato...

Sarah & Charlie met in Columbus, Ohio through one of their best friends, Matt. Charlie and Matt have been the best of friends since about age six. Sarah met Matt while working at a law firm where they clerked together one summer. After that summer, Charlie and Matt became roommates and Charlie was introduced to Sarah by Matt. They all remained the best of friends for almost a year before Charlie and Sarah started dating.

Charlie likes to believe that she was love struck by his ability to play guitar and Sarah likes to believe that he was impressed by her beach volleyball skills, but in all reality, they were probably both impressed by the other's love of family. Charlie saw Sarah through the bar exam and she moved back home afterward. Charlie got a promotion and soon followed. They were engaged about six months later and can't wait to be married!

A few crazy facts: They grew up living 20 miles apart and never met each other until they lived in the same town 90 miles away; They love each other so much that they survived running a marathon together

Sarah & Charlies Wedding Vendors
Lighting - The Personal Touch
Florist, Decorations & Wedding Planner - Jackie and Kirstin Kiefer, Wooster, Ohio